I would just like to mention…

Harry Harrison.

Harry Harrison - Photo by Paul Tomlinson

Yep… Harry Harrison.

I believe he may have been my real introduction to science fiction.  At the age of about 11, I subscribed at a local magazine shop to a comic magazine called Boys World, and collected every copy of it from its inception until it amalgamated with Eagle around 1964.  Shortly after that I gave up.  It did not seem as good as it had been in years of yore.

I had collected all 40 copies of Boys World, from the first to the last.  I wish I had them now.  The most memorable thing in it for me was the serialisation of Deathworld, by Harry Harrison.  (Years later I recognised it in novel form).  Dan Dare had never caught my imagination as that did.  By the time I got to high school I was a confirmed SF geek.

Time to revisit.


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