Human Rights

Amnesty International is calling on the Fiji government to drop charges against a former Prime Minister.Mahendra Chaudhry is due back in court today after being accused of failing to seek permission to hold a public meeting.He was arrested …while talking to a group of farmers gathered outside one of their homes.Under emergency laws introduced by Fiji’s military government, people are required to get permission for meetings of three or more people.Amnesty says the laws are being used to deny Fijian people the right to express their views freely.

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Ok. let’s look at human rights, so nobly and righteously declared on our behalf by the United Nations, and ratified by some countries.  Not others…

It is usually said that every single human being on earth has these rights and they cannot be taken away by anyone. It should be thus, but of course this is a myth.  They can and are, daily in many places around the world.  If only it were not so…

Below is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

These rights are attached to appropriate responsibilities and you can  explore them here.

#1:  We Are All Born Free & Equal

#2:  Don’t Discriminate

#3:  The Right to Life

#4:  No Slavery

#5:  No Torture

#6:  You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go

#7:  All Equal Before the Law

#8:  Human Rights  Protected by Law

#9:  No Unfair Detainment

#10:  The Right to Trial

#11:   Innocent Till Proven Guilty

#12:  The Right to Privacy

#13:  Freedom to Move

#14:  Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live

#15:  Right to a Nationality

#16:  Marriage and Family

#17:  Right to Your Own Things

#18:  Freedom of Thought

#19:  Freedom of Expression

#20:   Right of Public Assembly

#21:    Right to Democracy

#22:  Social Security

#23:  Workers’ Rights

#24:    Right to Play

#25:  Food and Shelter for All

#26:    Right to Education

#27:  Copyright

#28:  A Fair and Free World

#29:  Responsibility

#30:  No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights

Just recently  of course we have at last acknowledged that all humanity

has a right to water.

Interestingly, my own country is one that has not signed up to this.  Why?

I don’t know enough about it to comment.  I have been out of the country trying to provide safe water to people in the Pacific who need it.

The point about these rights of course is that they don’t exist.  They are another man made construct.  The neat thing about them is that the UDHR at least provides a mechanism for making governments accountable if they do not accept and apply them.  If only we had the balls to make them do it.

There are more people in the world who do NOT enjoy their human rights, than there are who do.


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3 Responses to Human Rights

  1. Pilgrim says:

    Godzone will not sign that accord because privatization of water supplies is on the governments agenda.
    Rather than actually selling the system they will,with had on heart and an innocent expression,sell decades-long leases /management contracts.
    Seventy-five years has been mentioned.


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