I said hello to my neighbour this morning.  He appears to be unbruised after his recent detention.

Read that news item, and tell me that Frank is not Big Brother.

Bainimarama….  defended moves to muzzle the media and opposition parties in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporaton in August, saying he could not introduce reforms necessary for democracy if he was being destabilised.

“This is not an ordinary government, we’re trying to bring about reforms and changes, and for that [it is] understood that at some stage we’ll need to shut some people up,” he said, adding important changes “will never happen if we open everything out to every Tom, Dick and Harry to have their say”.

“Destabilised” is a new euphemism for “Having your failures pointed out”.

While we are on the subject Frank asked the public for evidence of corruption

And then says it is all “rumour”.  There is no evidence:

However the Prime Minister says they will only follow up on allegations if evidence is provided.

“If you have evidence to base allegations please feel free to direct them to the appropriate authorities for further action, in fact if you want to you can direct them to my office if you have any allegations, but there is no evidence to substantiate these allegations, it is pure I guess jealousy, and some of them are even coming from government workers and people who support the government – because there is a conflict of interest or their interest is waning with the reforms being carried out. These are allegations – if you have anything feel free to come forward.”

The Prime Minister’s Office last week urged people not to listen to rumours and focus instead on government efforts to move the country forward.

This is the man who said he intended to make sure no one could stand for election unless he approved of them..

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One Response to Doublespeak

  1. stefford says:

    On the TV news (TV One) last night it was announced that 15 members of the Land Transport Authority have been sacked, and seven more suspended, for corrupt practices. These allegedly involve taking bribes, demanding bribes, imposing “instant traffic fines” to be paid immediately, on the street. In Fiji all fines are paid at a and Transport Authority office and a receipt issued.


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