Pre-internet Urban Myth

Following my debunking of this story
which is also covered here,

My dad told me :

I heard  one as a kid at Horsell school, about a chap who applied for job sweeping the road but  he could not read or write, so he never got the job, and went selling matches on the street, (common in those days), he got tips or told to keep the change and was able to buy a tobacconist stall, from there he prospered and eventually became chairman of the local tory party.  When asked what he might have achieved had he been literate he replied “I could have risen to be a street sweeper”.

I like that.

It also reminded me of a story that was current when I was a kid in Napier in the 1960s.  I recall the City Council street sweeper’s name was Cyril Toben.  There was a whole urban myth about him being incredibly wealthy.  He had allegedly amassed a fortune from what he found in the road, and from selling bottles and scrap.


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  1. stefford says:

    Funny the things we remember


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