Another Month Gone.

I remember being perplexed by the question “where does time go?” when I was very young.  I really thought it went somewhere.  Like the groove on a record, that spiraled in to the hole in the centre as is spun.  At least I figured out where that went. Into the hole.   It came out on the other side, I was sure.   Maybe that is where time goes.  well, today is the end of a month, the end of an era, and the end of my procrastination. I have made a decision, initiated action, and found some sort of inner peace from having done so.

I am ready to follow the groove and see where it takes me.


About Alan

Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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2 Responses to Another Month Gone.

  1. stefford says:

    Look around
    leaves are brown
    and the sky
    is a hazy shade of Winter.
    Hang on to your hopes my friend….


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