Is there any subject inappropriate for humour?

It depends entirely on the joke, and the point it makes. 

Islamic community demand apology

Building Minister, Maurice Williamson, asked to take back comments he’s said to have made about Muslims at an awards ceremony

Leaders in the Islamic community are demanding
Building Minister Maurice Williamson be reprimanded, for comments he
made about Muslims.

Mr Williamson cracked jokes about the practice of stoning during an awards ceremony in Auckland last month.

Islamic Associations President, Anwar Ghani, says he’s written a letter to the Prime Minister, demanding he takes action.

the one hand, I think Mr Williams should realise that stoning a woman
to death is not a particularly funny subject. However if the joke was
both witty and made a valid point condemning the morons who commit such
an act, it may yet be acceptable. I too would take the piss out of
those misogynistic neanderthals who accept this sort of abomination whether they were Muslim, Christian, or members of the Mongrel Mob.
Humour is a powerful weapon against absurd beliefs and evil practices.
Maybe the NZ Islamic Community should apologise for their rabid brothers at home.

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