Is God willing to prevent evil , but not able ? Then he is not omnipotent . Is he able , but not willing ? Then he is malevolent . Is he both able and willing ? Then whence cometh evil ?
Is he neither able nor willing ? Then why call him God ? "

– Epicurus?

(- may have been wrongly attributed to Epicurus by Lactantius, who, from his Christian perspective, regarded Epicurus as an atheist).   Wikipedia

When you understand why you dismiss all other possible
gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours".

S. F. Roberts –

(Who the hell was SF Roberts?) 

Why am I constantly harking back to religion, and expressing my atheist views?

Because I am constantly surrounded here by people making ignorant expressions of faith, and even more ignorant comments about what their god is doing in the world and why. 


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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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One Response to Epicurus

  1. Glenn says:

    Very good Alan.(How do I do emphasis without shouting?rhetorical.)I sometimes worry that by worrying about these questions at all I am wasting my time.


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