That was the week that was.

It was a pleasant bike ride to the Waidalice bridge on Tuesday, followed by a more pleasant cruise down the Waidalice river and an exhilarating bumpy ride over the lagoon in somewhat blustery conditions.   It was breezy and overcast when I arrived, so I did not swim right away, but just settled in for a bit, explored, and and read.  Caqalai is a tiny island that one can walk around in about 15 minutes,
though I took a little longer as I stopped constantly to explore. Also
the tide was high, so I was walking in soft sand.  the weather began to improve immediately, and just got better over the next few days. 

I slept in a little bure, on the beach, and had a few good lazy days.
No phone, no radio, no laptop, no TV.  Lights out at ten when the
generator is turned off. 

I spent a lot of time in the water of course.  I just wish I had an
underwater camera.  The fish were amazing.   Hundreds of species in all
colours, shapes and sizes. The water was a bit cool, and the arthritis
in my knee played up a bit.  But I am used to pain.  It was worth it.  I
did see a sea snake, but could not get a photo.  I also played with
some clownfish who were quite happy to sit on my hand.  I swam from Caqalai
to Snake Island, and spent over three hours in the water on the first
swim, and back in again in the afternoon.  I saw a squadron of squid.    I did, I saw some smallish squid, about 20cm long, all in formation.  They were all black,
then they all turned white in succession, then black again.  not sure
what that means in squid language.  Something like Hi how ya doing? I

Next day I walked to Snake
Island at low tide, with my camera, to try and photograph a sea snake,
but the two dogs on the island came along and scared the snakes in the
rock pools away before I could get a shot. 

The arthritis was not too
much bother by day, but it stopped me getting a good sleep at night, and
I had not taken my Voltaren along, not having needed it for so long, I had forgotten it.  So despite having a good time by day, after the third sleepless night  I decided I should call it quits, and came
home a day early. Which was a good thing really, as I only had enough money
for four nights. So I have a few dollars left to last me until payday.  Once home, I took some Voltaren, had a glass of wine, and slept like a log.   Did I mention i had bought a 4 litre cask of australian red for $19 FJ dollars.  That was a bargain worth punching a hole in the grocery money for. I had been going to take it with me, but in the end, weight counted, and I left it behind along with my tripod something I really really regretted.  You can’t do a good evening shot or sunset without a tripod, and I had also wanted to experiment on waves with long exposures and ND filters.  Next time. 

A quick check on Facebookon my return.: Kim sent me a message that his dad, Guthrie, died on Wednesday night. 
Guthrie was a very
important figure in my life when I was growing up, and as a young
adult.  If I have any good qualities, it was Guthrie who fostered them. 
I wonder how I might have turned out without his influence and
his example.  I wish I could have attended the funeral on Saturday.  

A quick check of my emails, ignoring all the work ones.  I spotted one from Ziu.  Very rare, and for a moment I hoped it might contain something to help us resolve this little problem between us that I do not understand. But no. Or yes, perhaps.  It was brief and to the point.  She wants to sell the house and split the divvy.  And a divorce.  I am going to think about
this for a few days.  Right now I am not sure what to do, or how to go
about it.  I suppose I have been sort of expecting this, although hoping it was
all a misunderstanding which we could sort out with a face to face talk.  When it finally comes down to it, I find it difficult to deal with.

And I find I was not prepared for this at all, though I should have been.  

About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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