Tanrı yok.

Erkekler onun varlığını kanıtlamak
için neyin dışında Tanrı’nın varlığı için bir kanıt yoktur.

keep wanting to try and have a rational discussion with "believers" but
every time I am stumped.
Why? because we cannot have a rational
discussion with a fool.
If they were not a fool they would have thought
it out themselves already. So here it is. We are wired to notice
patterns. It is a survival trait. Many of the patterns we perceive are
actually random events, but our minds created the pattern, and we
interpret it as such, like a face in the tree bark,a figure crouched in
the wardrobe, or the fact that something untoward happened after we
walked under a ladder behind a black cat, or that it rains whenever we clean the car, or the phone rings when we take a shower…..  
Why is it a survival trait to be superstitious? (At least it was until recently when superstition leads some of us to cover ourselves with Semtex and drive a load of fertiliser and diesel into town).  Because a false positive, causing avoidance behaviour is better and
safer than a false negative (such as not recognising a predator hiding
in the bushes). 
That is where tree spirits, elves and gods came from.
The end.

About Alan

Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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