Unsolicited Testimonial – Dishwashing Detergent Pastes

Here in Fiji, dish detergent paste is commonly used rather than the liquid detergent we are familiar with in NZ. Are paste detergents common elsewhere in the world? I found them on Google and they seem to be used in Europe.  Why don’t we have them?   Liquid dishwashing detergents are also commonly available here, but quite frankly I have found the pastes to be more effective and more economical.  The common brands are Axion, and De Power.  I have discovered that not only are these  paste dishwashing detergents extremely good value in the kitchen, where they will strip and clean the dirtiest, greasiest pots with ease in cold water, but they are also
excellent degreasers for motorcycles. Paste beats all the commercial
bike and engine degreasers I have been using.  It leaves no mess, and the cleaning rag rinses out in water.  Great stuff.  I fully plan to bring a carton back to NZ with me when I return. 
I have no idea what is in the product, the labels do not say.  However, they have done my hands and motorcycle no harm so far and they strip out grease where other products just smear it. 

Now I don’t usually do advertising, so you can gather from this that I am impressed.

I can’t find a De Power Picture. 


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