Fiji’s economy suffering under military regime

You can get into trouble here for this sort of comment

I mentioned the mendicants in my previous postings.  There are a lot.  We also know that there are lots of burglars, don’t we, despite Suva’s "crime free’ status. 

The police are lazy, underresourced, undertrained incapable, and still to some extent corrupt. 

I am not telling you anything I have not seen myself.

I am also concerned that the only sugar i could buy in the supermarket recently was Chelsea, from NZ. No Fiji sugar to be found. Plenty of other examples of such folly too.  Fiji imports heaps of unnecessary food and consumer .products to contribute to their deficit.   This country could be self sufficient for food and produce, and make
money exporting, yet the farming and gardening sector are falling over.

So it was very good to see on TV last night that the Reserve Bank of Fiji is introducing a low interest loan scheme to help large scale commercial
agri-businesses to reduce 
imports of such things as fruit, vegetables, root crops, dairy produce and
beef .

Will it help?


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2 Responses to Fiji’s economy suffering under military regime

  1. Alan R says:

    NZ police are fallible humans too, but i would trust them more than those in Fiji, by a mile.


  2. Glenn says:

    There are beggers in Kingsland,K. Rd. and Newton most days now and sometimes in Queen St.The police here meet all your specs but add "cynical" and "insanely aggressive".All just support for the theory that the western world is sliding towards the right.


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