Housekeeper Day

I am resting on doctor’s orders for the rest of the week, supposedly with no computer work whatsoever.  But…

Thursday, is Housekeeper Day. 
Liti, my motherly housekeeper, prefers me not to be home in the way while she works, so I had to go out.  I was feeling well enough, having slept quite well last night and with the headache a dull throb behind a cloud of paracetamol and diclofenac.  So rather than go to work, I ventured into town.  I needed a new pair of sandals anyway.  The others are falling apart and are fit only for wading in the mangroves, really.  After I bought a new pair, I sat with an excellent coffee in a coffee bar I have not tried before and looked across the road at the cinema complex.  It was too early o head home, and the thought of an hour or so in the air conditioned comfort of the theatre was appealing.  So I went to the movies. Twice, with a break between for lunch.  It was a bit of a mistake, really, despite the cool of the aircon, because I had forgotten how very loudly they play the movie soundtracks in Suva.  That may partially explain why I did not enjoy the movies as much as the last film I saw here, which ,though just as loud, did not leave me feeling as disaffected.  (You may recall that the events afterward, however – namely the discovery I had been burgled while in town watching Avatar – were certainly discomfiting). I watched  Robin Hood first. It was OK, Good yarn, good pace, reasonable premise, historical accuracy notwithstanding, but maybe not Ridley Scott’s best effort.  Or perhaps it was just me.  I was simply not in the mood.  Anyway, I had paid for two films, so after a quick lunch, I returned to watch Ironman 2.  It too was OK, but maybe not as witty as the first, and very predictable. I was thinking I should have waited until the pirate video is released next week, and I could control the volume. It was very loud. 

I must have been a bit vulnerable to suggestion today, because the mendicants had a field day with me.  I must have given away over ten dollars, in coins and small denomination notes. I even gave away a fiver to one particularly sad story, despite not believing it. I realised too late there was a cruise ship in port, and everyone was on their toes except me.  On the way to have some lunch I was accosted by the usual touts, whom I have no trouble brushing off.  It is with the beggars that I find it hard to be brusque and ungiving.  I responded politely in the negative to all the offers of rings, watches rolled gold bracelets  and zigzig from lean and hungry looking Indians and impoverished Melanesians with furtive looks.  

Then someone fell into stride beside me, there was a gentle touch on my arm, and a warm voice asked if I would like to have a ‘good time". Frankly, there is nothing I would like more right now, but I don’t believe a good time is actually something one gets from strangers.   I immediately responded with a polite "No thank you" before I even turned to look at her.  As I did I was rewarded by a brilliant smile as she walked on before me.  I was quite taken aback.  She was very lovely indeed. Well dressed, extremely attractive, and not looking at all as one might expect of someone in her trade in this city.  In slim fitting jeans and a modest but becoming blouse she appeared more like an attractive office girl, or shop assistant than a street walker.  My first thought was that I would like to take a photo of her, my second was that even if I did I could not put it either here or on Facebook. Not, at least, in the context of what I have written so far, as she could be arrested, beaten, and probably raped.  I felt a pang of regret, not for having turned down her offer, but for the fact that she had to make her living that way. 

Anyway, I am supposed to stay off the computer until tomorrow, so that’s it for today. 

About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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2 Responses to Housekeeper Day

  1. Alan R says:

    I guess I am just not that sort of boy.


  2. Glenn says:

    If that was your first thought you are indeed ill.I hope you recover rapidly.


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