Lynne told me WinMX was still running, which surprised me as I had thought it would have fallen into defunct abeyance after the problems of 2005, the ensuing rift amongst users, and the rise of torrents. I think i dropped out early 2008.  However it appears to have kept its place in the community.  The rift was healed following a new patch in 2008, and WinMX is even stated to be a safer form of file sharing than torrents.  

I should get involved again, as I have lost almost all my music. I kept it on a 300Gb external hard drive which died unaccountably on me only a few weeks ago when i was doing a back up of my photos from a drive i suspected might fail, to another drive.  The drive i suspected would fail (it was making rumbling noises) is still going strong, but after the back up the music drive failed catastrophically.  If I plug it into the computer, everything seizes up.  But i digress, I was talking about WinMX and considering  downloading and using it again.  Update: I have just done so and it works fine!

Unfortunately, on thinking it over, I can’t really use it much here. My own G3 connection would quickly go into expensive mode once I exceed the 3Gb monthly limit, which i am just managing to stay inside most months, and using SOPAC’s bandwidth  on something of dubious legality is not ethical.  I do have ethics, even if they do not extend to paying royalties. 
So I shall have to rip my own CDs again for about a third of the music, salvage some from back up DVDs, and wait until I am back on proper broadband for the rest.

Lynne has offered to share some files via a skydrive which will be great.


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