Great word that.  It is not just weakness, weariness, listlessness, exhaustion or lethargy.

It is a medically acceptable term for laziness! 

I have not been too well for a few days, and though some of my colleagues have brought the odd bug to work in the last week or two, my symptoms don’t precisely fit with theirs.  I went home early on Thursday with a headache and feeling a bit wonky (another medical term), and by Friday I was feeling worse, with bad headaches and muscular pain, loss of appetite,
exhaustion and weird dreams. And then a bleeding nose, something I have not had for years.  Saturday I felt like a zombie.  On Friday and Saturday night I actually slept under a duvet!   Today, despite it being a fairly cool rainy day,  I am drenched in sweat, but otherwise feeling a little better, though still with the headache.  So. Doctor tomorrow.  I suspect blood pressure may be involved, either as a symptom or a cause. 

I really wanted to get out in the kayak this weekend, and almost set off earlier this morning, but the lassitude beat me.  Maybe just as well. 


About Alan

Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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