Get Fit

I made what may prove to be yet another mistake in a very long series, and bought a second hand two-seater kayak from a departing colleague.  It was delivered this morning.  Buying it seemed like a good idea at the time, and I am allowed to pay it off in installments.  I have become unfit and even flabbier than usual since I came here.  Living alone involves a lot of sedentary behaviour – and comfort food. At least the gym at the Ministry had kept me reasonably fit even if not in good shape. I thought I needed some incentive to get some exercise and this seemed to be something I would enjoy.    The kayak is rather large and heavy, but when I hefted it at Paul’s place, I thought I could manage to carry it alone across the road from my front gate to the bay.  In the event, that proved to be difficult, however a friendly local gave me hand to get it into the water.  I found my balance easily enough, and got in, and under way, without any embarrassment, though I now find I definitely prefer a canoe to a kayak.  They certainly handle differently.  The sea was a little choppy and there was a fresh breeze.  I found that it was very difficult maintaining my heading against the wind and waves, and to steer the kayak but the effort needed meant I gave myself a good cardio workout paddling for about an hour until my shoulders demanded that I give up and turn back. I had not got very far, to be honest.  If I want to paddle out to the reef and the sandbank, I am going to have to do better than that.  I expected to feel the exhilaration I used to feel paddling, and I was rather looking forward to getting up to the mangroves at the river mouth but out there in the bay I found myself feeling frustrated and annoyed that the going was difficult, that the wind and waves dictated my direction, and that I was not fit enough even to go the distance all the way up to the river mouth.  Too much, too soon? Maybe.  I headed back, and dragged the kayak back across the road, leaving fine shavings of orange plastic on the rough surface.  I realise that I cannot do that every time.  Maybe I can rig a trolley or a skateboard.  

Back at home I had a cup of tea, and had a little lay down.  5 hours later I awoke in the dark.  I had slept from early afternoon well into the evening.  Needed a rest. 


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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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One Response to Get Fit

  1. Glenn says:

    Neat.Kyaks are fun.


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