Singing in the Rain III

Kiwis at SOPAC shouted the rest to a Waitangi Day BBQ and beer this
evening, with a gumboot tossing competion thrown in.  Men’s and Women’s
division both taken out by Tuvalu.

entertaining tosser; Me, as I carefully checked the windage, and
polished the boots for maximum aerodynamic effect.  Then the rain

Rode home in a storm, singing
in the rain.

I am afraid I have no photos of the event to share, because the POLICE WON’T GIVE ME BACK MY FECKIN CAMERA!

had a great thunderstorm last night, delivering 4 inches (10cm) of rain
in around three hours.  The rain this evening was almost as heavy, but
for a lesser duration, and without the celestial pyrotechnics.  Much


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