The Landlord

Now I am having troubles with my landlord. When I first told him about the
current situation with respect to not feeling happy and secure in the house he said he would be accommodating if I wanted to
move, under the circumstances, but now he is saying if I move out, the
arrangements must be fiscally neutral to him, and therefore he wants
me to continue paying rent until a new tenant moves in, and also to
cover the cost of the agent’s fees in finding that tenant. Apart from
not being willing to stay in the house any longer than I must as it is,
it seems that I may lose the house I want while I wait for a tenant.  Even then I will at least lose , I believe, a full months rental in
any case.

It is my opinion, that lease agreement notwithstanding, the circumstances are such that I should not be penalised for being burgled.  I already have been, with the loss of my property.  Is it unreasonable to expect the landlord to bear some of the burden of the crime? If the house was more secure I would not be moving. 


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2 Responses to The Landlord

  1. Glenn says:

    What is fair is irrelevent.You are a ferngi in a strange land and your best bet is to move,write to the landlord telling him that the premises are unsafe and he is placing you in danger.By the time it makes the courts you will have imm(em?)igrated to Argentina.Also ask your agency for advice.What do I know?


  2. Clementina says:

    Have u talked to Tenancy Services, to get advice what to do ??.


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