Face book message exchange

Yakeema Lee

25 December at 05:06


I seen your comment about scam quick money I must say I agree but I am
apart of a great company that has been around for 20 years starting in
Mexico and just started to branch off. This companies compensation plan
will is like no other just take a look at it, it doesn’t cost you
anythg but it will definitely change your life. www.reshapeand
looseweight.com there’s three books look at the Vive book and just take
a glance at what this company is doing for the masses. this is my
website with company www.ardysslife.com/yleecouture. 973-573-8737 Once
again Alan take care God bless you and your during these holidays and
the New Years to come.


Alan R Freshwater

24 December at 13:55

Sorry Yakeema, We shall have to agree to differ I am afraid. I spent
ten years as an investigator with the Ministry of Health in New
Zealand, and there is no weight loss product that can defy the laws of
thermodynamics. Rule 1: the simple equation is that energy taken in
must be burned as exercise or stored as fat. The answer is simple,
either eat less calories, or exercise more. Any other solution is
either a drug induced one that causes calories not to be absorbed, or
makes the body burn them faster, either of which is temporary unless
the user learns rule 1, They also have side effects, some unpleasant, or cause addiction.  Other products are either well meaning but
scientifically unsound myths, or a deliberate scam.

Best wishes!


Why does Facebook put my date and time wrong? 


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3 Responses to Face book message exchange

  1. Alan R says:

    Of course I forgot the drugs, usually some form of ephedra, which kill the appetite… Even "natural" herbal ephedra is a drug… Usually with side effects, if it works, and the above critique still applies.


  2. Alan R says:

    I thought I was very polite. No opprobrium at all. I even gave her the benefit of the doubt, and allowed for a category of scam artists who sincerely believe in their products’ "well meaning but scientifically unsound myths".


  3. Glenn says:

    Oh Lord why have you gifted this man with a nations worth of cynicism?Alan,poor Mr. Lee is not your enemy.Why do you treat him with such opprobrium?


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