Christmas Day

So, I know you are dying to know what was in my present.  It was Guylian!  The Opus assortment. Thanks Chelsea, I hope you are having fun in Costa Rica!  How long can I hold out before I remove the cellophane seal?

Breakfast:  at 4 am I awoke feeling fiercely hungry.  Plainly not enough to eat last night.  So at 4.20 I made a three egg omelette with red pepper, smoked marlin and cheese, salt and pepper.  I fried it in a little Black and Gold brand Canola cooking spray, in my little omelette sized round bottomed frying pan, but somewhat spoiled the idea of the spray by serving it with a warmed buttered bun.  The omelette was perfect, folded, still a little runny in the middle and suffused with that delicious smoked fish flavour.  Omelette King, me.

Second breakfast:  10.30 am – A few pieces of left over tapioca in the fridge.  The lady who sells tapioca chips at work had told me the secret of her batter, and I replicated it.  Deep fried in a mix of vanasparti and canola, they came out perfect, but a little greasy.  Pan not hot enough?  So I ate only a couple, with some of my rapidly dwindling plum sauce made about 5 years or so ago.  I am out of  tamarind sauce. 

I shall have to skip elevenses, and probably lunch, so the next food will be coffee and biscuits at tiffin, and later this evening I shall have smoked chicken, salad and potato salad, and bread.  I have a little plum pudding but I am guessing it will sit until I feel in need of a wee treat with custard. 

I have a small Christmas cake for sharing – don’t fancy it myself – and some of the very delicious and incredibly cheap FMF Oaties coconut biscuits, which come in 500g bags for only $3.  I bought two bags so I can shae and still have plenty for myself. 

If the anticipated but probably shouldn’t-be-expected Solomon visitors don’t show up, I shall be eating smoked chicken and marlin, salad and biscuits all week. 

I have a feeling Frankie will get the rest of the chips.  I am off greasy food, except for butter on my bread and porridge.  I hope she is not fussy. 

For nibbles I have mixed fruit and nuts, some macadamias I bought in Hawai’i, the biscuits of course, and I was lucky to find the last 500g bag of dried apricots in Cost U Less for only $7.  A bargain.  I did not get any crystallised ginger, chocolate, mince pies,  turkish delight, or other festive fare, as it was all horrendously costly, but I did grab a stick of nutty nougat. I also have the Guylian chocs now. 

Even so, I have far too much for me, but it will all keep. 

And that is Christmas.



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