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Honourable Minister Hon. Paul Telukluk on behalf of Vanuatu as Chair of SOPAC Governing
Council announced today that Dr Russell Howorth has accepted the Council’s offer
to be the Interim Director of SOPAC.

Howorth, is a professional earth scientist and in recent years has supported
the region in the broader context of the environment and sustainable
development. He retired as Deputy Director of SOPAC in September 2005, after
serving the region with SOPAC for over 26 years.

has worked for, and/or carried out fieldwork in all Pacific small island
developing states. He has published over 60 research papers, as well as being
on country teams as adviser at many international forum such as the UN Commission
for Sustainable Development for seven years, 1998-2005, the UN World Summit on
Sustainable Development in 2002, and in 2004-2005 the preparatory meetings for
both the UN Mauritius International Meeting on Small Island Developing States
and the UN Second World Conference on Disasters in Hyogo, Japan. During 2005 he
also assisted the ACP/EU Secretariat and member states draft the new ACP/EU
Natural Disaster Fund and participated on the Task Force drafting the Pacific
Plan. He has worked with all development partners supporting the region.

Howorth is currently the owner/operator of a small company he established and
registered in the Fiji
Islands in 2006, in order
to provide visibility to his being requested to provide advice with a broad
environmental and sustainable development emphasis to countries, organisations
and individuals in the region.

has a keen interest in capacity building for Pacific island national and
established the Certificate in Earth Science and Marine Geology for in-service
training of technicians working in the earth sciences.

is anticipated that he will take up the position of SOPAC Interim Director for
one year in February next year upon the completion of the contract of the current
Director, Ms Cristelle Pratt.

SOPAC Secretariat


7th December 2009


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