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I can’t seem to go long without mentioning food.  

I did not get my grocery shopping done on the weekend, due to time constraints, beer and kava, and the fact that my favourite butcher is closed on Sunday. 

I needed to get my fortnightly stock-up of meat, eggs, onions and greens. Since the butcher at Flagstaff is not open on Sunday, I left it all until he was. There is an MH supermarket next door to him, and I can knock it all off in one hit, passing Cost U Less on the way back if I need to call in there too for the odd items MH doesn’t have. 

So I went to Flagstaff after work this evening. 

I discovered Wahley the butcher has
smoked marlin!  He smokes it himself.  It looks like pale smoked salmon.  I could not resist. I have not seen any smoked fish since I have been here, and I have been missing it.  For less than $10 I bought about 800g.  Enough for four serves.  This evening I had a smoked marlin and cheese omelette, on a toasted bun.  Just a little oregano and pepper to season it.  Heavenly.  As good as smoked salmon any day, and lot cheaper.  If I was not cooking for one, I would make a kedgeree with the rest, but I cannot do that kind of thing for a single.  I would make a huge pile, and have to freeze it.  I’d be having it for weeks until I was sick of it.  So, as I have enough marlin for four meals, I froze two portions, and tomorrow I might just try making a little cheese bechamel and have marlin in bechamel on toast for breakfast.  If I can get up in time.  I wish I had some bay leaves though.


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3 Responses to Back to the main subject

  1. Alan R says:

    In the end I just had it with cream cheese and a warm fresh bun. (or two).


  2. Alan R says:

    Only with the right cheese!


  3. Glenn says:

    That would be Mornay?{Insufferable smirk.}


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