Catching up.


My own personal beloved Lenovo laptop died at the office.  Coffee.

 I am not at all happy about this.  Daryl the IT guru says we can recover the hard drive. 

That hardly makes me feel any better at all. 


At around 2 PM I was called  by the police to advise that my house had been broken into.  Hared off home to find that yes indeed, the same bedroom window had been opened and my drawers emptied of clothes.  My camera was gone. 


Losing the use of my laptop and then this in the space of a couple of days.  Very loud rude words. 

Detective Cpl I.T. came to take a statement. While we did this, seated on the deck, he was advised that a burglar had been caught, and bags recovered.  A short time later a bunch of police showed up with my blue dive bag, and black travel bag both filled with my clothes.  They also had my camera. 


It seems that mine was the second house in the street to be broken into.  Police and forensics were on their way to the first when they spotted people lurking near what was probably intended to be the third.  The suspects cut and run, dropping bags as they went.  One was apprehended, the others got away.  I rewarded my new friends with copious amounts of orange juice, and a large Whittaker’s bar of hazelnut chocolate.  Running low now. 

I definitely must get some better window security. 


Another eventful day.

 First off, I went hunting for window security locks, the
sort that allow one to leave a window slightly open without fear of a burglar
forcing it open.  No luck

 Then we had another tsunami warning. A earthquake between Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.  This time there was a better response here,
and a lot of evacuating went on.  Of
course it was chaotic, as one might expect, but people were for the most part
informed, and were able to get to high ground if they chose.  I was already saf up the hill at SOPAC,  I went up to the road along the ridge at the
designated time to hopefully not see a tsunami, and as luck would have it, the
alert was cancelled.

 It did rather disrupt the day. 

 I have a borrowed laptop at present, an old HP running XP,
but it is rather slow.  Still; better
than nothing.  At home this evening
though, I found I do not have the admin privileges to install the driver for my
G3 USB modem, so I cannot get on line. 
So I am writing this in word to upload tomorrow.  Also I cannot get it to play music from my
external drives, so it is bed with a book and my MP3 player after I have
written this. 

Shortly after I arrived home this evening, a truckload of
police turned into the drive.  They had a
very cowed and tearful looking chap with them, a fearful expression on his
face.  He was short and slight, and at
first I thought he was a mere boy, but I revised my estimation later to perhaps
mid to late twenties.  He certainly was
in an abject state.  The police told me
he had admitted to both the burglaries on my house.  They asked if he could be allowed to show
them how he had effected entry, and where he found the items he stole.  I consented, though it seemed a bit
unusual.  He showed them how he forced
the window by my bed and told them he squeezed through the burglar bars.  He certainly had the build for it, and he
must have had some nerve too, though it was all shot hell now. 

 It seems there is a possibility at least of recovering the
SOPAC laptop that was taken in August, as he has told them to whom he sold
it.  It is not likely I will get any of
the other stuff back, or any recompense. 
The poor sod is plainly unable able to produce even two dollars.   I
almost felt sorry for him, the state he was in, surrounded by burly Fijian
Police, but I reminded myself of the angst he has caused me.  The paranoia, the sleepless nights, the inconvenience,
the cost of replacing my personal effects, the guilt for being so well off I
have things that others cannot have. 

 I commenced wrangling with the police over when I could
retrieve my camera, bags and clothes, but that is plainly going to take a
while.  Such a pain.   

 But here is the rub; before they left, the detective cpl
took me aside and asked if I could obtain for them a ream of paper so they
could type up their report.  They have no
paper!.  I told them I would try to get a
half ream for them in the morning. 

 I am really beating myself up right now over the
Lenovo.  I feel like crap without


This morning I went to Raiwaqa police station with a few sheets of paper for them.  I then insisted on cataloguing all the items of my property they had. I listed it all in my notebook and again on a statement form.   I put up a very good argument that I should have the stuff returned to me straight away, but their idea of chain of evidence and mine do not coincide. 

At least I have a full list of what they have, but I notice that one of my Irish tee shirts is not there.  The Police recovered a couple of crappy old tees, that are not mine, and I am wondering if the larger accomplices are wearing some of my tees right now. 


About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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