Chrome Vs Mozilla Vs IE8

In an elegantly devised and conducted test, I pitted the Big Three browsers against each other.  It was originally going to be a Round Robin, but  in the end one failed so miserably and convincingly, that there was no point in continuing.  

I set them up to upload photographs to a Facebook site at: 
Each had 25 photos to upload.  Total file sizes the same  to within a few Kilobytes.  Both started simultaneously, within half a second of each other. 


Mozilla vs IE  
Mozilla won convincingly. IE failed to complete the upload.  Twice. The second time it wasn’t even competing with another browser.  .

Chrome Vs Mozilla:  Chrome won by a length.  It was finished well before Mozilla had reached the 80% mark. 

So Chrome first, Mozilla second.

The only quibble I have with Chrome is that it has some little foibles when I am trying to insert links, or photos into this blog.  Like it won’t let me.  


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