I Do Like Wednesdays


I like Wednesdays. Today is the day my housekeeper comes and though she does not have a great deal to do, me being such a tidy and organised person when living alone, the house is always better for her visit. My bed is nicely made, my shirts ironed, the floor just a little more spotless than it was this morning, and all the cuttings I have been nurturing have been thrown away.

But it is OK. I found them in the rubbish bin, and reinstated them to my cutting jar.

I cannot register my bike until I have third party insurance. I cannot get 3rd party insurance until my vehicle has a registration number. Apparently Fijian Bureaucracy has discovered a way past the Catch-22 Conundrum. This is getting interesting.

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Bob Macfarlane

Bob Macfarlane

That would be brilliant!!! If it wasn’t so annoying. Classically Fijian.
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Alan R Freshwater

Alan R Freshwater

It can be done, and as friendly chap at the LTA inspection division is guiding me through it. The real problem is I need another document. I am tracking it down now.
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2 Responses to I Do Like Wednesdays

  1. Alan R says:

    You can do it! Hospital tucks are not that hard!


  2. Glenn says:

    Oe of the great joys of life which I will never again be granted is a perfectly made bed with ironed sheets and hospital corners.Sob.


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